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Experts at setting up appointments with qualified leads

Parntering with Incept gives you a dedicated team of experts in appointment setting strategy and execution. We help our clients accelerate ROI by generating top of the funnel sales activity propelled by our expertise in business development activities like appointment setting, data cleansing, inbound lead follow-up, lapsed customer reactivation and more. 

B2B Appointment Setting

Why choose Incept as your appointment setting partner?

Fractional pricing

By paying a flat monthly subscription fee, you get the benefits of lead generation and appointment setting without the additional management and overhead of a full time employee in-house.


The fractional allocation can flex up and down with seasonal sales demand and business needs. We also exercise a lot of flexibility in our strategy, cadence, etc. so that our clients have the highest likelihood of success. We do not believe in set it and forget it.


Cultural alignment

Because you’ll be working with a dedicated Account Growth Specialist, you’ll get the benefit of one-on-one calibration meetings, daily feedback emails, and freedom to contact your AGS as often as you’d like throughout the day. This allows the AGS to feel like they are a part of your team and has a big impact on the outcomes of projects like this.

Depth of experience

We’ve lived and breathed sales and marketing for 25 years and prioritize continued education for our team.


About  Incept

Lead Generation And B2B Business Development

We help our clients connect and engage with prospects throughout the top of the sales funnel in order to accelerate new sales opportunities. Incept strategically leverages deep industry knowledge and a world-class employee retention program to offer clients a way to generate B2B leads without the headache of managing the activity in-house. 

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