Partial Client List

We help our clients grow through strategic lead generation campaigns.

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American Heart Association

Generated leads for several national American Heart Association events.


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The National Association for Environmental Management

Strategically identified and registered About 130 attendees for Member events.


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American Society of Civil Engineers

Reactivated 322 lapsed members in 188 hours of calling.


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Council for Exception Children

Reactivated 1,233 members in 266 hours of calling.

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Professional Association for Customer Engagement

Implemented a multi-channel strategy to drive member engagement, conference attendance, and membership growth with significant ROI

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National Association of Manufacturers

Helped drive the largest attendance for a single State to a Nationwide Webinar.


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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Reactivated 952 members is less than 8 weeks of the program.

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Ohio Manufacturers’ Association

Set 211 appointments to help drive new member acquisition.