The Harvard Business Review found that 26.1 % of leads are followed-up with within 5 minutes, while the average response time for all leads is 42 hours. It's no secret that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first, so if buyers are contacting you when they are ready to talk, why aren't we making every effort to speak with them immediately?  

What's even worse than a delayed response? The average number of times a lead is followed up with is 1.3 times.  Not only are we not prioritizing these conversations, but we're giving up after just one call? 

Our Approach

The ideal inbound lead follow-up strategy combines both an urgency in response as well as a committed sales cadence if the prospect does not immediately answer.

We follow a proven cadence that begins with a phone call within 5 minutes of a form being submitted and ends two weeks later after multiple phone, email, and social interactions.

How does A PArtnership With Incept Grows work?

  • Companies can buy a fraction of an Incept Account Growth Specialist to follow-up with inbound leads within 5 minutes of a form being submitted
  • By paying a flat monthly fee, you get the benefits of inbound lead management without the additional management and overhead of a full time employee in-house
  • The fractional allocation can flex up and down with seasonal demand

Did I just hear a sigh of relief?  That’s right – the leads you have worked so hard to generate through inbound marketing will finally be prioritized by sales.