We help marketers prioritize inbound lead follow-up in order to close more deals.

Marketers know that fast follow-up can make or break a sales opportunity. Research from James Oldroyd of Northwestern University shows that sales agents are 100 times more likely to connect with a lead if they call in the first five minutes as opposed to calling in the first 30 minutes.

We help our clients follow-up with inbound leads using a proven cadence that begins with a phone call within 5 minutes of a form being submitted and ends two weeks later after multiple phone, email, and social interactions.


Learn More About How Incept Grows Can Help You Grow Your Business:


  • Companies can buy a fraction of an Incept Account Growth Specialist to follow-up with inbound leads within 5 minutes of a form being submitted
  • By paying a flat monthly fee, you get the benefits of inbound lead management without the additional management and overhead of a full time employee in-house
  • The fractional allocation can flex up and down with seasonal demand

Did I just hear a sigh of relief?  That’s right – the leads you have worked so hard to generate through inbound marketing will finally be prioritized by sales.