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As a sales-centric organization, we understand the internal struggle when a prospect raises their hand and is ready to buy, but turns out to be too small to justify the cost of on-boarding and setup. Sure, it's revenue, but the support involved is equal to that of larger deals, so you'd rather spend your time and energy elsewhere.

As an InceptGrows Sales Partner, you’ll have a third option for capturing bottom-line earnings from prospects that would have otherwise never generated revenue.

Incept Partner Program

Are You A Good Fit?

Contact Centers

Today’s contact centers get their strength from numbers. They should focus their time on 10-250 FTE deals, because that’s where they become profitable. Now contact centers can also monetize those deals that are fewer than 10 FTEs in volume.

Marketing, Web Development, & Advertising Agencies

Marketers work hard to generate leads for their clients, but if their clients aren’t ready to handle the volume of leads generated, the marketers may need a way to help them capitalize on those leads.


Advisors and coaches address a plethora of issues, including lead generation and new business development. They may identify places where a variable cost sales solution makes sense, in order to keep their clients’ internal team focused on closing new business.

What’s In It For You?

Whether you’re a contact center wanting to monetize smaller deals, or a trusted business advisor looking to add value to your current clients, we understand that it comes down to the bottom line.

This is bottom-line earnings that will continue to roll in months after you make the initial introduction.


As an InceptGrows Partner, you’ll receive


on all referrals for the first 12 months of their lifespan.

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