Meet Our Team!

Lauren Gill:  Grows Senior Account Executive

Lauren Gill: Grows Senior Account Executive

Ashley Bricker:  Client Growth Specialist

Ashley Bricker: Client Growth Specialist

Victoria Chernikovich:  Account Grows Specialist

Victoria Chernikovich: Account Grows Specialist

Paul Tucker:  Account Grows Specialist

Paul Tucker: Account Grows Specialist

Cory Carney:  Account Grows Specialist

Cory Carney: Account Grows Specialist

Don Murphy:  Account Grows Specialist

Don Murphy: Account Grows Specialist

James Kines:  Account Grows Specialist

James Kines: Account Grows Specialist

Charles Reed:  Account Grows Specialist

Charles Reed: Account Grows Specialist

We Have a Passion For Productive Conversations


Lauren Gill

Senior Account Executive

With over 8 years in the industry, Lauren comes to Incept with an extensive telemarketing background. She previously managed multi-million dollar budgets for nonprofit organizations including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Doctors without Borders, the American Lung, American Diabetes and the American Bar Associations. At Incept she is focusing her talents on strategic development for the Grows team and improving overall client results!

Lauren is an Ohio State alumnus and recent newlywed.

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Ashley Bricker

Client Growth Specialist

Ashley graduated from The University of Akron in 2016 with her Bachelors in Sales and Marketing and started with Incept shortly after as an Account Growth Specialist. After a few years on the AGS team, she moved into a more administrative, client facing role as our Client Growth Specialist. She is extremely detail oriented and is passionate about her work.

Currently, Ashley’s role focuses on the growth and satisfaction of our Grows clients throughout the onboarding process and daily management. Additionally, Ashley helps manage the Incept Communication Center at the Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing. There she oversees the UA sales and marketing students employed by Incept and helps provide them with hands-on, real world sales experience.

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Victoria Chernikovich

Account Grows Specialist

Victoria joined Incept in 2012 as a Conversational Marketing Expert. She brought experience in sales management, customer relations and customer service that made her a perfect addition for our Grows Division in 2016 when she transitioned to an Account Grows Specialist.

She can multi-task with ease across multiple divisions and is an expert at time management. Her vast array of experience has allowed her to excel in the multi-channel approach to generate leads and set up appointments for our clients. She has recently started helping with some internal lead generation in a few of our divisions at Incept and has continued to show growth.

Victoria is very family oriented and enjoys spending time with her family and dogs outside of the office!

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Paul Tucker

Account Grows Specialist

Paul has been a member of Grows since the fall of 2017 where he came from a background in inside sales and lead generation. He’s worked in a variety of industries since graduating from college and that has allowed him to become a versatile and adaptable part of our Grows team. In his time with Incept, he’s worked with clients to fulfill needs in customer service, top of funnel sales activity, brand awareness, list creation and validation, and script writing.

Paul has a B.A. in Corporate Communications from Walsh University.

Outside of work, Paul enjoys spending time with his growing family. He also enjoys watching and attending sporting events and getting outdoors to hunt, fish and tend to his garden.

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Cory Carney

Account Grows Specialist

Cory Carney is the longest tenured AGS on the team, having been a founding member of the division in 2016. Prior to being hired full time he was a social media management intern with Incept. Cory graduated from the University of Akron with a major in Integrated Marketing Communications & minor in Professional Selling. Having a diverse background, he has been a core piece to utilizing a multi-channel approach to generate leads.

When he’s not at work Cory loves to travel, play competitive sports, & cheer on his favorite Cleveland teams.

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Donald Murphy

Account Grows Specialist

Donald Murphy is an Account Growth Specialist at Incept where he is responsible for the lead generation and research for many different companies.  Donald has 20 plus years of sales and business development experience.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Akron.

Donald is very active in the Barberton Community in which he lives.  He is a current member of WatchDogs (Dad of Great Kids) which is a community-based program designed to help mentor and host events throughout the school year for the students throughout the Barberton Community School District.

Donald spends his free time enjoying multiple activities with his wife and 4 children.  He is an avid Ohio State Football fan and enjoys throwing darts in a dart league with his wife Brittany.

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James Kines

Account Grows Specialist

James has 3 years sales experience and prides himself in his communication skills with potential clients on the phone. Throughout various jobs growing up, he always found himself in a sales environment. His experience at Incept has taught him best practices when it comes to B2B selling.

James is a North Canton resident and loves to spend quality time with his family and take rides on his Jeep.

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Charles Reed

Account Grows Specialist

Charles recently graduated from the University of Akron with Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Sales management. Prior experience with in person marketing and product demonstration taught Charles the importance of being personable in the world of sales.

Charles started out at Incept as an intern while at the University of Akron where he worked across all the different areas of Incept, from blood banks and technical support to account grows work. In his current role of Account Growth Specialist he is focused on quality conversations, building relationships, and driving results. Charles mix of competitiveness and teamwork allows him to thrive in his position.

Northeast Ohio born and raised, Charles is a lifelong Cleveland sports fan, other interests include traveling, listening to music, and spending time with the squad.