What if there was a team of fractional inside sales specialists that tossed you top of the funnel sales activity daily so you could spend your time where it really counts - closing new business?


What Do You Get?

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Consistent Funnel Activity

We identify sales opportunities to grow your business.   



You choose a 1/4, 1/2, or full time inside sales specialist.

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Actionable Insight

You get actionable insight from sales experts.

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Keep Your BEst Players Playing

Let your top people focus on lower funnel movement.

How Does It work?

Plain and simple - executives want more sales activity. But many small to medium size companies don't have the resources to hire a full-time inside sales person or don't have the bandwidth to manage that activity.

the solution:

  • You can buy a fraction of an Incept Inside Sales Specialist to identify sales opportunities
  • By paying a flat monthly fee, you get the benefits of lead generation/appointment setting without the additional management and overhead of a full time employee in-house
  • The fractional allocation can flex up and down with seasonal demand