B2B Appointment Setting

When researching lead generation companies, many individuals aren’t sure if their business is in need of certain services. Let us break it down for you.

Is Our B2B Appointment Setting Solution Right For You?

  • I don’t know how to find qualified and interested prospects that are willing to meet with me.

  • I’m spending too much time finding potential customers, and not enough time closing.

  • I’m finding sales leads, but I’m not able to get them to meet with me.

  • I’m a company with growing pains - my in-house sales team isn’t able to keep up with finding potential clients and following up with them.


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Benefits of Our B2B Appointment Setting Solution

Saving Your Sales Team TIME

We get it, finding interested prospects and setting appointments are both difficult and time consuming. Our B2B appointment setters turn into your middle man and put your professional sales team in front of interested candidates. This way, your sales team can focus on what they’re best at - selling.

Our main goal is to assist your sales professionals with finding sales leads and scheduling appointments for them to close a sale.

Creating Targeted Lists of Qualified Sales Leads

At the end of the day, we help you find the clients you want. Our appointment setters are trained in sales lead generation and conduct in-depth research to figure out who an interested lead is for your brand. After we have a conversation or two with a warm B2B lead, we set an appointment for your sales team to have a face-to-face conversation with them.

Getting to this point with some potential clients may be rather difficult and can take a lot of time and many touch points. Again, to ensure that your sales team can utilize their time doing what they do best, outsourcing those early efforts can help them be more fruitful, more consistently.

Becoming an Extension to Your Company

In a world of sales, quality conversations are key. That initial conversation is a valuable part of a successful sales process and a great way to introduce your company as well as gain prospects trust.

We know every organization is different and we work closely to develop your individual marketing strategy to maximize your ROI. Our Account Executive monitors calls to ensure that your brand’s messaging and goals are being met. Our Account Grows Specialists truly become part of your team.

Driving Your Sales Activity

Appointment setting is arguably one of the most difficult parts of business development, yet the best way to help your business continue to grow! Sometimes, appointment scheduling apps just aren’t bringing in qualified sales leads as much as you had hoped.

By setting qualified sales appointments, we allow your sales team to put quality effort into driving sales and closing deals. We’re here to help you bring prospects as far down the sales funnel as possible until it’s your time to close the deal.

Having the Right Information Before Your Meeting

As you know, having as much information about a potential client before meeting with them is key. Utilizing a multi-channel approach, we qualify prospects and gather the necessary information to give your company's sales team every tool they need to close on their sales call or meeting.

Setting the RIGHT Type of Appointment

Every sales lead is different and reacts better to certain forms of communication. Our appointment setters work with each of your potential clients to decide not only the best way to qualify and make the appointment (i.e. phone, email, landing page, etc.) but also which appointment type is right for them.