B2B Prospecting

With our inside sales tools, our lead generation experts find quality sales leads for your company, set appointments through our multi channel approach and ultimately help you close more deals. We know that B2B prospecting is a time consuming process, so let us take care of it. Has your company been experiencing the situations below? If so, let’s talk about how Incept can help grow your business.

Is Our B2B Prospecting Solution Right For You?

I’m a business that:

  • Is struggling to find a target market and qualified business leads.

  • Can’t keep up with managing leads and following up to set appointments.

  • Isn’t utilizing the right channels to reach out to B2B Prospects.

  • Wastes valuable time prospecting instead of closing.

  • Doesn’t have a lead generation plan to bring prospects down the sales funnel.


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Benefits of Our B2B Prospecting Solution

Finding your target market, qualifying business leads and setting appointments.

Has it been difficult reaching out to, meeting with, and closing deals with business leads? You could be going after the wrong target market. Our trained Account Grows Specialists find your audience and create targeted lists based off our custom client solutions for your company. We research who is in need of your product or service, so no time is wasted with failed unsuccessful appointments. Through our multi channel approach, we set business appointments with interested B2B prospects so you can do what you’re best at - closing sales.

What You’ll get working with incept:

  • A custom B2B inside sales solution that brings qualified prospects further down your sales funnel.

  • Targeted lists that encompass qualified business leads that are worth reaching out to.

  • A focused inside sales team that is dedicated to finding you B2B prospects and setting appointments for you and your sales team.

  • Scheduled appointments with qualified

  • Daily management of lead follow up through a variety of channels.

How Your company will benefit from a lead generation service:

  • Our Grows team designs a personalized marketing and sales strategy that is tailored to your brand’s messaging, value proposition and goals.

  • Our appointment setters follow up with business leads so you don’t have to.

  • Your sales team will have more time to prepare for sales appointments.

  • Every decision maker you come in contact with will have genuine interest in your business.

  • You’ll have full access to every piece of information we find so you can be prepared to close deals.

We get it - the road to finding new clients and growing your business is a detailed process. Let’s chat about how Incept can become an extension to your team, and ultimately help you close more deals.