Now Hiring: Sales Prima Donnas

Let's be honest - sales people can be a pain. I'm the first to admit that I'm probably not always the most fun to manage. I've recently gotten experience managing other "me's," and it's given me a bit of perspective, not only on the headaches I've undoubtedly caused my boss, but on the level of stress that must come with anyone looking to hire, train, and manage a sales team.

Nobody ever sets out to hire a high-maintenance sales diva, but that's essentially what many of the all-stars out there are. We're passionate, money-motivated, ambitious, driven, and aggressive, which means we're not afraid to speak our minds, ask questions that most people wouldn't, and call out injustice when we see it (ie. "How come Jim gets the nice cubicle?", "When do I qualify for a company car?")

If you're looking to grow your business, the last thing you need to add to your plate is managing a prima donna. The problem I run into the most, though, is that folks equate growing their business to adding the next all-star (aka diva) to their sales force, but those simply aren't the same thing. What growing your business actually means finding ways to fill the top of your sales funnel while spending your time on the most value-added activities, like nursing prospects through the latter segments of the pipeline and through the onboarding process - not, hiring, training, and dealing with a sales prima donna.

There are numerous ways to fill the top of the funnel without hiring a full-time headache. So before you post your job on Indeed, get outside the box and look into some alternative options like automated inbound marketing or outsourced inside sales. Find the right partner now, redeem your time, grow your business.