Case Study: Inbound Lead Follow-up

Did you know that 71% of leads are never followed up with? And worse yet, the typical lead is touched by a salesperson on average only 1.3 times.  The marketplace is spending massive amounts of money on marketing to generate leads that never even get spoken to.  


This is why ACCEL Schools came to Incept and asked for help. 

ACCEL Schools 

ACCEL Schools is a network of 25+ charter schools focused on tailoring the learning experience to each individual involved in K-12 education. With more than 750 educators and 8500 students, ACCEL Schools attracts community members with its commitment to academic excellence, individualized learning, and community partnerships. 

While ACCEL Schools attracts many leads through word-of-mouth, they also have a fantastic marketing team that drives inbound leads through multiple advertising sources to their website. They are so good at creating interest in their charter school network that they were having a hard time following up with each inbound lead in an efficient and effective way. 

In Steps Incept

ACCEL Schools chose to partner with Incept so that they could more effectively follow-up with inbound leads to increase the likelihood of converting them into enrollments. Incept used a strategic sales enablement approach, following up with each lead in less than 24 hours, and then touching unresponsive leads 7-10 more times using a multi-touch lead follow-up cadence through phone and email channels. The value of having coverage throughout the whole workday without having to pay a full-time employee to be available was another important piece of support for ACCEL Schools within this program.

Throughout 2016, ACCEL Schools produced more than 4100 inquiries, which Incept was able to convert into more than 1800 scheduled appointments with enrollment specialists.  Of those appointments, more than 40% enrolled in the ACCEL school system. 

When ACCEL Schools came to Incept, they were unable to focus on generating new leads because they were too busy following up with leads. It was holding them back from making more strategic marketing decisions because they were unsure how to dedicate more time to effectively following up with their leads. 

Partnering with Incept has allowed ACCEL Schools to not only break down unnecessary barriers to growth, but supercharge their marketing and sales efforts.