What To Expect In Your Daily Feedback Email

When you sign up for InceptGrows, you subscribe to a fractional inside sales representative or, Account Growth Specialist (AGS), as we call them here. This means we dedicated one high-caliber sales rep to your account who is responsible for conducting sales-related tasks for you every day for a specified portion of their day.  

At the end of every day, you will receive an email summarizing the day's results. Here's what to expect in that email: 

Key-Performance Indicators

The first thing you'll see are totals of whatever KPI's we agreed were most important for your program. Generally, these include Dials, Right-Party Contacts, and Leads. It will look like this: 

The first number is the total number of calls that were placed that day. If your AGS placed multiple calls to the same company in an attempt to navigate a phone tree or reach a different decision-maker, this number will reflect the number of individual dials. 

The second number is Right-Party Contacts, or RPCs. This is the number of how many conversations your AGS had with the person they were trying to reach, most likely a decision maker. Possible outcomes for these conversations include Lead, Not Interested, Not now, or Requested Information. 

The third number is the number of Leads generated that day. This is defined during your set-up and onboarding process prior to making calls. For more information, please see this article on how to define a lead. 

Feedback from the Market

The second section in your daily feedback email is a summary of the day's conversations and feedback from the market. This includes a summary of any leads scheduled, as well as any qualitative feedback discovered during conversations with prospective customers. 


Be sure to read this section carefully, as there may be questions in here from that your sales rep asks in order to improve their output. 

Plan for Tomorrow

The final section is the overview of tomorrow's plan. This is where your sales rep will tell you what they'll do differently tomorrow based on their learnings today. 


This may also include decisions that your AGS makes, depending on the level of autonomy you've agreed they have. Be on the lookout in this section for language like, "Unless I hear otherwise from you…" as that indicates that they've made an adjustment and will proceed without confirmation.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Daily Feedback Emails

"Do I need to respond every day?" 

Absolutely not. We know you're busy, which is why we designed the email how we did. We do ask that you peruse it in its entirety each day in case there are direct questions from your sales rep. This process is designed to be a real-time progress check, and we can only improve if you provide the feedback necessary to do so. 

"Who are all of these people copied?" 

The people in the "To:" field are you and your team, which you probably figured out already. The other names in the "CC:" field InceptGrows management team, as well as Incept's executive leadership team. We include everyone so that you know just how important it is to us that your program is successful. Our whole team is invested in making our partnership a win for everyone. 

"Do I need to Reply All when I respond?" 

It depends. If you are replying to your sales rep with a personal message like, "Thanks, Suzy. Have a great weekend!" we're okay with you replying just to your Account Growth Specialist. If, however, you have responses to questions, feedback on the day's results, or other input relevant to the partnership, we ask that you click Reply All so that everyone here has visibility and can respond accordingly.