How To Drive Inbound Leads With Facebook Lead Ads For Your Manufacturing Company

Facebook and Hubspot are partnering up this week to bring users live stream video content about the changing landscape of social media and how businesses should react to it. We attended the first session which included a panel of experts talking about major trends in social media and how you can adapt your marketing strategy to take advantage of them.

Did you know that every month over 2 billion messages are exchanged between people and businesses on Facebook? It's becoming a more natural, and maybe even preferred, way of communicating with businesses for many people. This statistic led to one of the most popular talking points of the panel discussion - Facebook Lead Ads and their growing impact on businesses, especially in the B2B space.  


People are spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before, so Facebook created Lead Ads to give people an easier way to connect with businesses, wherever they are.

With Facebook ad targeting, businesses can reach the people most likely to be interested in their business right within the Facebook platform. Leads can then fill out a pop-up form without having to leave Facebook, increasing conversion rates substantially for many businesses.


Huddle Contacts, a contact lenses manufacturer and retailer, used lead ads to gauge market interest and retarget people with ads optimized for conversions. The campaign led to more than 3,000 new leads with an average cost per lead of $2.30.

By using lead ads, Hubble Contact was able to build an email list of people who had already shown interest in the product and then retarget its ad to this list, eventually converting people through purchases. 

If your purchasers could easily find out about your products on Facebook, do you think they would fill out a form to learn more? We think it's certainly worth the try.


Interested in watching the entire 'How Social Has Changed & What Marketers Can Do' session? Take a look at the video below or click here.


Any fans of Gary Vaynerchuk or Brian Halligan out there? They're teaming up on September 13th at 2pm EST to talk about Growing a Business in the New Age of Social. You can attend by just filling out a short form on Facebook or you can check back here tomorrow for a short recap.

Are you using Facebook Lead Ads for your manufacturing business? If so, we want to hear about it! Let us know your experience in the comments section.