Outsourced Lead Generation Campaigns that Compliment Your Sales & Marketing Strategy

What if your marketers and sales reps had an extra 4-8 hours in the day to focus on what really counts, closing and converting new business? Incept Grows has worked with a variety of clients across a handful of different industries to help streamline top of the funnel activity that can often be a time-suck for your representatives. Here are a few ways we’ve been able to complement the efforts of marketing and sales to help increase efficiency.

1) Appointment Setting

The perfect place to start with appointment setting is with a lapsed customer or custom prospect list. There are only so many hours in the day for your representatives to be making office visits so the more appointments and less time on the phone for your team the better. An example of a conversation could be:

“Hi <name> this is Cory with <company>. I noticed it had been a little while since we’ve made contact so I wanted to circle back around to see how things were going. Do you have any availability on <date> <time> for us to swing by your office and say hello?”

Scripting is simple, lets the customer or prospect know the reason for the call, and still allows your sales rep to ultimately do their job.

2) Surveys/Market Research

You can email blast all you want, but a personal touch can go a long way in getting your customers or prospects to follow through and fill out the desired form. In addition, if they have any specific feedback then person to person communication is likely the only way to receive that information.

3) Event Promotion

We’ve attacked this scenario from many different angles in the past. Here are a few:

  • Clients have come to us with a prospect “wish list” and our job was to bring in as many of those companies as we could to the event they were hosting.
  • For associations, we’ll follow up with their members to ensure they’ve received all the newsletters and there aren’t any roadblocks in the purchasing process. This presents a data cleansing opportunity as well. In some instances, if the membership is on a corporate level then it’s very easy for contacts to move on without being updated accordingly.
  • Driving attendance to webinars being hosted by your sales team.