4 Ways to Use Facebook to Educate Members on Association Benefits

Facebook is one of the best ways to educate members on association benefits because with over 2 billion people on Facebook, you’re easily able to meet your members where they’re already at. When you post on the platform that most (if not all) of your members are regularly on, you can increase your ROI and ultimately get your members more engaged.

Because we believe in the immense value that Facebook provides associations, we’re sharing 4 ways to use Facebook to educate members on association benefits to help you engage more members.

1. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups for any association are a great way to bring all of your members together, regardless of their location. This is a great space to cultivate a community and allow members to engage with each other, even outside of conferences.

The key to making a Facebook group work for your organization is to always understand that it’s about your members and less about the association. While you can (and should) share member benefits through articles, pictures, and video, you should also focus on sharing outside information that would still be beneficial for members.

2. Facebook Live

We are in an age where video and audio are key to any marketing strategy. People crave that extra connection with you and the association, so when you can create a piece of content that’s both educational and engaging, the entire association benefits. Members get to understand more about how they fit into the organization and you cultivate an engaged community.

Streaming live video on Facebook is a great method of interacting with your association members. First, there’s a low barrier of entry to reach your members since they are already using it for personal use. Second, all you need to create a live video is your phone or a simple webcam—no editing required!

Third, unlike simply posting a status or video on your business page, when you go live in your Facebook group or on your business page, group members or followers get a notification that you are live. This not only gets members to view your video but also entices them to watch and engage live. The increased engagement on your video increases engagement on Facebook and ultimately within your association.

Live video ideas that can be used to educate members on association benefits include how-to videos, webinars, interviews with members or businesses, behind the scenes, Q&A or FAQ videos.

3. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a great way to build a connection 1:1 with your members. However, what do you do when you begin to get more messages than your team can manage? Enter chatbots.

With over 1 billion active users and a click-through-rate 4 to 10 times higher than email, chatbots are becoming increasingly popular to interact with people. Messenger marketing is great for quickly responding to Facebook messages without being spammy and overloading members.

Manychat, a chatbot provider, confirms that you can use chatbots for conversational growth and building relationships, which are key for any successful association. Along with welcoming new members, you can also send them information about upcoming events, latest blog posts from an RSS feed, keyworded auto-responses for FAQs, and even other beneficial timely content.

4. Deliver an Ad Campaign to a Custom Audience

Facebook ad campaigns, in our opinion, are the best way to reach members of your association. With custom audiences, you’re able to target your members specifically so they can see membership benefits whether they like your Facebook page or not.

Not only can you use Facebook ads to educate members on association benefits, you can also target that same audience to drive attendance to events. As we discussed in this case study, you can easily increase your event attendance with a custom audience as well as an attribution audience to reach potential new members.

If you haven’t started to use Facebook to educate members on association benefits, now is the perfect time to start implementing one (or all!) of these tips will ultimately help your membership engagement when you perform them consistently.

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