Case Study: Driving Members to Events Using Facebook

Driving members to events can be challenging for associations, especially when budgets are tight. But using Facebook to recruit new and existing members to events can be done successfully without spending a significant amount of time and money.

Today we’d like to share a short case study of a successful event recruitment example for The Professional Associations for Customer Engagement.

The Problem

Incept’s client needed more attendees for their upcoming event but didn’t know where to find them. Their main form of marketing, email, was not driving enough conversions.

The Solution

Incept suggested a Facebook campaign using custom audience targeting of their 4,000 past and present members as well as new prospects created from an attribution-based audience for their target market.

The Promotion

The campaign used several styles of ad copy and creative in order to optimize for the best performing combinations. Short videos and carousel style ads drew in the most engagement and website visits from the target audience.

The Results

During the 4 week campaign, we reached 1,196 people with 11,478 impressions. 974 of the prospects reached and 68% of the clicks were generated from the attribution audience, prospects likely not aware of our client’s organization before this campaign.  This created awareness of the event, their brand, and additional attendees for their event.

The Facebook pixel recorded 36 new registrations for the event during the time of the campaign, a potential ROI of 2,189%.


The Professional Association for Customer Engagement

Our partnership with Incept has been a long and fruitful one. Being such a small staff for a non-profit doesn’t afford us the ability to have experts in every aspect of our business operations. Incept has guided us on different aspects of our organization. They have formulated, implemented and successfully executed plans for us on many different initiatives. Through all of those initiatives, Incept made sure that we were comfortable and knowledgeable with the process and the results. We value partnerships and there is no partnership that we value more than the one we have with Incept. They are our true trusted advisor.
— Christine Haerich, SVP at Professional Association for Customer Engagement