3 Ways to Create Hyper-Targeted Audiences For Your B2B LinkedIn Campaign

With more than 500 million members, 61 million of which are senior-level influencers, LinkedIn is an ideal platform to generate leads for your B2B organization. In fact, according to HubSpot, LinkedIn is 277% more effective at lead generation than Facebook and Twitter.

While Facebook is a very powerful tool for B2B marketing in our experience, LinkedIn allows you to be more effective at creating hyper-targeted B2B campaigns for a niche target audience. Keep reading to see the top 3 ways to create these hyper-targeted audiences for your next B2B marketing campaign.

Company Names

Many of our clients find the precision of this targeting criteria surprising but LinkedIn actually allows you to select a list of individual companies to target. The individuals at those exact companies will be the only people being served your ads.

For example, let’s say you’d like to create a campaign to recruit more members for your software-as-a-service association. Your targeting criteria is specific - director level and higher marketing and sales executives at the top 150 SaaS companies. With LinkedIn, it’s easy to select any company listed on LinkedIn and add it to your target audience!

Company 2.JPG

Group Membership

One of my favorite criteria to use when creating a LinkedIn audience is group membership. This variable allows you to select any group on LinkedIn and serve your ad to the members of that group. Membership of LinkedIn groups are self-selected and most times based on interests or pain points, making this targeting criteria a powerful tool to use in your next LinkedIn campaign.

Let’s continue the example above. Our association can find many potential new members within LinkedIn groups created to help sales and marketing SaaS professionals solve industry problems and thrive. There are more than 7,000 members that have self-selected themselves to be a part of groups meant to help sales and marketing SaaS professionals and is a perfect way to hone in on an audience that your content will resonate with.

SaaS Marketing Groups - LinkedIn

SaaS Marketing Groups - LinkedIn

SaaS Sales Groups - LinkedIn

SaaS Sales Groups - LinkedIn

Matched Audiences

Much like Facebook custom audiences, LinkedIn now offers targeting via matched audiences. This can be done in several ways:

Website Retargeting - Extend your brand message by marketing to LinkedIn members who visited your website

Contact Targeting - Upload lists of contacts using email address or other demographic information in order to reach specific individuals on LinkedIn

Account Targeting - Upload a list of target companies in order to reach decision makers at your target accounts

This type of targeting is extremely specific and a really great tool for organizations that are trying to reach a niche audience.

For those willing to invest the effort into creating relevant content, dynamic ads, and put the time into extensive testing in order to understand which campaign strategies drive the best results, LinkedIn is an optimal tool for lead generation.

What are your favorite targeting strategies to use on LinkedIn?


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