Inbound Sales Day 2016

As a practice, sales has changed. Today's buyer is more sophisticated than ever before.  They are Googling problems, researching solutions, downloading best practices, and becoming more informed before ever talking to a sales representative. 

So how should your inside sales team adjust to these changes? Step one is to commit to learning. As processes change at a faster pace, committing to learning and improving will take you farther than ever before. 

That's why we're attending #InboundSalesDay

On September 14th, 2016, Hubspot is hosting a FREE event committed to helping you learn how to sell more. They'll have 5 live Q&A sessions, 12 executive talks, and 4 on-demand interviews all making up 10 hours of sales insights. 

You better believe we'll be attending this event and we invite you to join us too!  Click 'Save My Seat' to register: