"You don't have experience working with our industry."

B2B sales can be frustrating, because most people tend to operate in a mindset that their industry is the exception to the norm. 

It may not matter that we have helped software companies reach high-level decision-makers at their target companies; if we haven't helped financial software companies reach high-level decision-makers at their target companies, suddenly we have no experience.

I run into this all the time. People asking if we work with anyone in their niche, specific industry, and thinking that unless we work with one of their direct competitors, we don't know what we're talking about. 

Unfortunately, this thinking is all turned around. The question is not, "What industries can you work with?" The question needs to be, "What experience do you have reaching[this level decision maker], or [handling this portion of our sales cycle]?" 

Just the other day, I was talking to a gentleman from the energy industry and he asked if we had any other clients from the industry. The answer was, at first, yes we do. But they're almost entirely irrelevant because our current energy customers are B2C customers, and the gentleman I was talking to had a B2B sales need. So my question back to him was, "Who do we need to talk to? Facilities Managers at manufacturing plants? Oh, well in that case, we have a team of skilled reps who are experts at overcoming gatekeepers to reach mid-level decision makers."

Seeing it in this light, he decided to work with us, and we've proven day after day that we can, in fact, overcome gatekeepers to reach mid-level decision makers.

As you're rebuilding your website or considering how to pad your client portfolio, don't panic if you only have a few industries represented. Show your true colors, and show off the skills you've developed in working with your current clients. Translating those skills into actionable results for your prospects will lead to more closed deals and increased business growth.