Introducing Your Business Growth Solution

What if there was a team of fractional inside sales specialists that tossed you top-of-the-funnel sales activity daily so you and your team could spend your time where it really counts - closing new business?

Meet InceptGrows.

Outbound call centers work like freight trains: Load up tons and tons of firepower, set in on the tracks, and go.

But what about the small- to medium-sized business that either doesn't have tons of firepower, or can't afford to acquire it? Most call centers don't really have a good solution for the little guy; the manufacturing plant who needs help following up on leads, the financial broker who wants more appointments in his week, the membership association who needs to reactivate lapsed members.

The Solution

  • You can buy a fraction of an Incept Inside Sales Specialist to identify sales opportunities
  • By paying a flat monthly fee, you get the benefits of lead generation/appointment setting without the additional management and overhead of a full time employee in-house
  • The fractional allocation can flex up and down with seasonal demand

The unique part of InceptGrows is that we don't just load your list into a dialer and send you back everything that doesn't sound like, "No." We assign you a dedicated Account Growth Specialist who works closely with you and your team to ensure that you're not only filling the top of your funnel, but gaining qualitative insight on your target market, and are making the most of the relationships you already have in place.

So whether it's a list of lapsed customers that haven't bought from you in five years, or an abundance of inbound leads that need qualified before being chased by your sales executive, InceptGrows can support your sales team and grows your business.