RECAP: Marketing For Manufacturers

On October 11th and 12th, we brought together a group manufacturers who were interested in obtaining more quality leads using digital and inbound marketing and sales tactics in order to grow their businesses. Between the two days, more than 70 local manufacturers came together to learn and network with industry experts.

Incept and The Bonanno Group teamed up to present this conference – Marketing for Manufacturers – to manufacturing companies located in the Cleveland and Pittsburgh areas.  Hubspot and Google were also invited to speak about the changing digital landscape and what impact that has for manufacturers in the future. 

Below is a short summary of each session at Marketing for Manufacturers:

The Bonanno Group

Gene Bonanno, Owner of The Bonanno Group, shared the importance of defining business goals and how to best leverage the internet to achieve them. The session hit of the 5 important components to a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy, including:

  1. Identify Your Business Goals
  2. Know Your Audience
  3. Benchmark 
  4. Set In Stone
  5. Analyze Your Results


Dan Vivian, Principal Account Executive at Hubspot, shared the importance of 'smarketing,' a strong sales and marketing relationship, and how Hubspot's software tool can aid in improving that relationship. Dan shared a live demonstration of the Hubspot software with attendees and showed them a few of the best tools manufacturing companies should be using to grow their businesses.

Marketing For Manufacturers Panel


Sam Falletta, CEO of Incept, hosted two different sessions - a panel discussion in Cleveland and a workshop in Pittsburgh. Both sessions were geared towards helping manufacturers determine where they are on the outbound to inbound spectrum and how to make incremental improvements in the sales and marketing on that spectrum.  

Panelists from several local manufacturing companies joined Sam on stage in Cleveland and had a lot of great personal anecdotes to share. Panelists included:

  • Jack Moore, President/CEO of West Roofing Systems, Inc.
  • Allison Grealis, Vice President Membership & Association Services of Precision Metalforming Association
  • Tony Mazzella, CEO of Mazzella Companies


Richard Rondon, Account Development Manager, and PJ Vilsaint, Account Strategist at Google, shared some of the coolest Google tools that can help manufacturers engage their target audience. From micro-moments to Youtube, and changing search trends to GDN, there are so many ways that manufacturers can be using these digital tools to grow their business.

While every company struggles with developing and implementing a successful marketing strategy, it can be especially hard for manufacturers, and we heard a lot of that over the two days in Cleveland and Pittsburgh. We hope that this group of resources (session speakers and attendees) will help improve the overall growth of manufacturing businesses in the rust belt.

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