Why A Variable Cost Monthly Subscription Makes The Most Sense For Your Lead Generation Partner

Are you among the dozens of companies that have been burned by pay-per-lead lead generation companies?  Here are a few reasons to consider asking your next inside sales partner for a fractional subscription based inside sales representative: 

Higher quality leads 

Fractional inside sales representatives are generally compensated to some degree or another based on client retention. What this means for you is that they ultimately are responsible for making sure you are thrilled with the quality of leads being sent over. Unlike most lead-generation firms, a fractional inside sales representative is more concerned about meeting your business growth objectives, not just your monthly maximum budget. 

Since they want you to be thrilled, the sales rep ends up sending over only the highest quality leads, and doesn't send over garbage for the sake of billing for an extra lead. Higher quality leads mean higher revenue opportunity for you. 

Direct access 

You have direct access to your fractional inside sales representative. No need to go through an account manager, to a call center supervisor, to the lead-gen team; you can call or email your sales rep directly, as often as needed, in order to follow-up on lead status, make course corrections, script adjustments, or just to say "Hello!" 

Fractional monthly flexibility 

One of the reasons pay-per-lead doesn't work is that you often end up with more leads than your sales team can manage, coupled with the fact that they're not as high of quality as you'd prefer, which means they take more time and energy to close. 

With a fractional inside sales representative, you have the flexibility to adjust your monthly dedicated time to match your current business needs. If you and your team are swamped nurturing, closing, and support last month's leads, you can back you 1/2 FTE fractional sales rep down to a 1/4 FTE for a month until those new customers stabilize.  

No overhead 

Another pitfall of pay-per-lead pricing is that it usually culminates with firing the lead generation partner and hiring internally anyway, meaning you spent money on bad leads, and still ended up having to invest in the overhead of hiring. 

With a fractional inside sales representative, you get all the advantages of having a great employee without having to cover any benefits, equipment costs, or payroll. The overhead and management costs add up pretty quickly with an internal hire, but with a fractional sales rep, you know exactly what your monthly cost will be. You get predictability without having to sacrifice quality or lower your standards.