What exactly is on-demand inside sales and why do I need it?

We consistently hear a need in the marketplace from companies facing the dilemma, “Should I incur costs to generate sales or wait until my sales have come so that I can invest back in my business?”

The solution

On-demand inside sales - a fractional and variable cost approach to lead generation. On-demand inside sales programs are built to give companies the ability to rent sales consultants at a rate that allows them to scale their businesses without the burden of fixed cost.

The value of on-demand inside sales is growth potential. Having on-demand inside sales gives you the ability to create top of the funnel activity without having to fully commit to hiring, training, or managing a full-time employee.

Could you successfully generate leads in-house?

This is a valid option to consider; you could absolutely hire and train this position to be an internal resource. Strategically though, if you have a product you want to distribute and don’t want to be in the business of creating top of the funnel activity, prioritize your core competencies and leave the lead generation up to an on-demand inside sales team.