Is partnering with Incept a short-term or long-term thing?

Customers use our on-demand inside sales division both to address short-term needs or really as a resource for their long-term marketing strategy. We absolutely see the best results when our services are designed to complement a long-term project. Short-term relationships can generate attendance for an event or try to generate leads for a sales blitz, but finding a solution to handle the top of the funnel long-term should be a priority for your business.

Over time, long-term relationships will continue to benefit both parties. The longer you outsource inside sales to a partner, the more time you can spend delivering your core competencies to customers. Furthermore, Account Growth Specialists will begin to specialize in your business, becoming a trusted sales rep and advocate for your business.

At Incept, our intent is to become an integral part of the way you operate and service your customers. We also understand that there are times that our sole purpose is to help you scale to a point that you can transition this process internally. In some situations, we can even create a handoff system where we generate interest and then transfer that back to your team to take it from there. It is essential to select an inside-sales team that will be flexible with your timeframe.