What is an Account Growth Specialist?

An Account Growth Specialist (AGS) is an individual responsible for revenue growth contribution through business development and inside sales activities. Top performing AGS's are critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and driven individuals. 

InceptGrows has a team of 20 Account Growth Specialists that business owners and sales leaders can subscribe to on a fractional basis in order to assist in growing their business.  

We call them Account Growth Specialists because they are dedicated directly to their client's account at whatever fractional allocation they are subscribe to. This means that there is consistency with the same high-caliber sales representative who has developed a deep understanding of a particular client's company, prospective customer base, and buying behaviors. 

We use the word "growth" because just like any sales representative, it is their primary objective to provide growth opportunities to their client and their sales team. They will be responsible for adapting processes and strategies to optimize sales efforts in order to drive revenue into the pipeline for their client to close. 

Our clients treat their AGS like one of their own sales staff. We sit in on weekly sales huddles, share monthly and quarterly goals, and hold each other accountable for pursuing sales opportunities. Many of our clients even choose to provide additional incentives like bonus or commission to their AGS, enhancing the alignment between our organizations and helping develop an even closer strategic relationship. 

Account Growth Specialists

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