What's a Sales Huddle?

Sales huddles are short and frequent meetings that allow every person involved with the sales team get an understanding of what went well, what needs improvement, and any action items that must be completed by the next sales huddle. Each step of this meeting is very intentional and allows for all individuals involved to voice their excitements, disappointments, and needs moving forward. 

What Went Well

The first portion of the sales meeting is dedicated to the good stuff.  How did we win throughout the last week? Who stepped up and took a risk? Did we meet our leads per hour goal? 

It's meant to give the sales person accolades, boost their confidence, and reinforce all of the great things they are currently doing in order to help them focus on doing more of it. 

What Needs Improvement

This is where the inside sales team gets honest about improvement. It's a chance for the entire team to offer constructive criticism around the sales script, sales cadence, tone of voice, and ultimately, the results of the sales effort. 

We've learned that without being so intentional about this step in our sales huddles, some individuals don't feel as free to ask for improvement from the Account Growth Specialist (AGS) as they should. Instead, we try to make this portion of the huddle as factual and non-emotional as possible. It's also a great time for the AGS to ask for additional coaching and support to make these improvements.

Action Items

This step is self-explanatory. This is a designated time during the meeting to recap any action items necessary, for Account Growth Specialist or management, to continue the things that are working well and to improve on the things that need improvement. 

This style of meeting has worked so well for us that we've expanded it to every department at Incept as well as to our client calibration meetings.

We always recap each meeting with an email summary that includes each of the items listed above. It helps to make each discussion point more concrete and allows for more conversation if someone's interpretation of any of the topics differed from others involved. 

Sales Huddle Template

Download our sales huddle summary template here.