Should You Outsource Lead Generation Or Do It Internally?

Before making the decision to completely outsource your lead generation or to hire an inside sales representative internally, consider a mixed approach - something we like to call co-sourcing.

Co-sourcing is a partner approach to lead generation that provides the cost savings and flexibility that come from outsourcing while integrating with your in-house staff to guarantee every prospect is supported according to your brand and values.

There are absolutely high-impact responsibilities that should only be handled by your most trusted experts internally: 

  • Price-quoting 

  • Contract-writing 

  • New customer on-boarding 

But there are also low-risk responsibilities that you should consider sending out to a trusted partner: 

  • List building 

  • Prospecting phone calls 

  • Inbound lead qualification 

  • Appointment setting 

  • Social media 

Trying to hire an inside sales representative comes with a lot of hard and soft costs. Finding a trusted co-sourced partner is the 21st-century way to keep your heavy-hitters in play and maximize their efficiency without incurring a ton of additional overhead.