#RelationshipsMatter | Employee Spotlight: Timothy Serafino

Incept is a place where relationships matter. We're a creative, diverse, and engaging community uniting more than 200 team members with Fortune 500 companies, blood centers, and B2B sales teams across the United States and we want to share some of the stories from the people that make this team great every day.

Today we bring you Timothy Serafino, Incept's Business Development Manager.


My name's Timothy Serafino. I am the Business Development Manager here at Incept for our Incept Grows division. In my role now I am responsible for helping find local companies who need lead generation and inside sales support.

Working in the lead generation industry is really interesting for me. I've enjoyed the opportunities I've had to have conversations with people in all sorts of different industries about their growth plans, their desires to become better companies, better business leaders, and ultimately sales and new business development is something that's kind of industry-agnostic.  Everyone needs it and everyone wants it and everyone, to some degree, is trying to crack the code and figure out what the best way to go about that is.  So to introduce us as a unique approach to that problem has always been a really fun conversation across both business-to-business and business-to-consumer type industries and businesses.

Relationships are so much fun for me to make new ones and stay in touch with current ones and cultivate whoever I can, both personally and professionally. I've had the unique opportunity to generate relationships with people all over the world, and my favorite part about those conversations, whether they're personal friends that I have in Australia or business contacts that I have right here in Canton, it's just that everyone has a story to tell, everyone has something to share with the world and something to teach me as a person. Again, whether it's personally or professionally I love learning from the people around me and meeting new people and hearing their stories.

My favorite thing that I did this year was and I was fortunate to be able to, was take a two-month kind of sabbatical from work to go backpack Eastern Europe with my wife, so we ended up seeing something like 15 countries in two months.

Again, my name's Timothy Serafino. I'm the Business Development Manager here for Incept Grows division at Incept, where relationships matter.

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