3 Fundamentals for Building a Lead Generation Script

We try to use the term, “script” loosely at Incept Grows. No one wants to be read a bullet point essay word for word from a stranger they weren’t expecting a call from. It is nice however to have something ready to go for a point of reference to be sure you’re covering all the bases in your conversations. These tips will help you create an effective script to supplement your lead generation strategy.

It’s OKAY to have multiple scripts for different touch points

You don’t have to hit the prospect with your company handbook right off the bat. Introduce yourself & something you have in common, whether it’s geographical region, local organization membership, or industry expertise. If you have the time, even researching a fun fact about their company can do wonders. Gauge their interest and at the very least, open the door for future opportunities by asking for email contact information. You can always follow-up and go more in depth once you’ve broken the ice.

Don’t sound like a billboard

I’ve seen some pretty bad scripts submitted to our department in my almost two years as an Account Growth Specialist. “Hi my name is _____ and we do this. I can get you qualified in four easy steps!” or even “Did you know you could be saving $xxxx with _____?” How can you possibly be saving someone money if you don’t even know what systems or procedures they currently have in place!? It's approaches like these that give cold calling a bad name. This takes me to my next point…


This is the most important rule of all. You’re doing nothing more than engaging with another human on the other end of the phone. Talk to the prospect like you would a friend. Be authentic, ask questions, and make a genuine attempt to understand what exactly it is they do as a business. It helps to have the prospect’s website up when making the call. “I see here on your website that you guys do _____. I was curious if that includes X, Y, & Z?”

What techniques do you use when developing a lead generation scipt?