#RelationshipsMatter | Employee Spotlight: Caleb Welch

Incept is a place where relationships matter. We're a creative, diverse, and engaging community uniting more than 200 team members with Fortune 500 companies, blood centers, and B2B sales teams across the United States and we want to share some of the stories from the people that make this team great every day.

Today we bring you Caleb Welch, Incept Grow's Operations Manager.


My name is Caleb Welch. I am the Operations Manager here at Incept for our Grows division, and my job is to manage the day-to-day operation of our Account Growth Specialists.

Working in the lead generation industry for me is really fun because it allows you to make and find relationships you wouldn't typically find in a normal job setting, so I think the knowledge that I'm able to capture from relationships as I build them allows me to make the relationships I already have a lot stronger.

The most impactful relationship here at Incept is actually one that most people don't get the opportunity to say they have. I think having the relationship with the CEO and owner of this company and watching how he operates, not only what he says and announces to a team of his employees, but how he actually acts in a one-on-one situation. The things that I've learned from him professionally are astounding.  The other thing is to watch him take time out of his day, his personal time, to meet with me to help me through some personal issues he heard about through the grapevine or some issues that I brought up that might affect my time here.

How he dealt with that and the things he shared, his personal experience with, just blew my mind when it comes to what I need to do with my team and how this company functions, and to have that with the CEO and owner of our company is just ... It's crazy.

Favorite thing I did last year - I was asked by my wife's sister to officiate her wedding. At first, I was like, "Hey, I don't know about how I'm going to do this." I went online, and I got my certification, and I got the official letter from the state to allows me to officiate weddings, and so September rolled around, and I got the opportunity to be the officiant for my sister-in-law and her new husband, and to be a big part of their big day was probably the most amazing experience I've had in a long time.


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