Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Lead Generation Team Motivated

It’s too easy for the daily grind to get the best of us. To keep sales reps motivated, you have to create an environment that’s mentally healthy for your workforce to achieve their goals. Here are a few tips to help create a culture that breeds success.

1.)   Create Healthy Competition

This can be as simple as the Operations Manager hopping on the phones for a couple hours. Nothing rally’s the troops better than seeing their leader out there with them on the front lines. You can also use gamification among your team encouraging each member to push one another to reach different goals that are specific and realistic. Be careful because if the goals are unachievable, this approach will have an inverse effect.

2.)   Give Recognition Where It’s Due

It can be incredibly frustrating to be crushing your goals and feeling like your efforts are going completely unnoticed. Identify who your best performers are and recognize them for their excellence. Managers often-times fall into a pattern where they ignore the best performers and put all their time and energy into those who are struggling or don’t care. This makes sense to an extent, but by not giving enough credit to those who are putting it all on the line for your company could eventually drive your best team members away.

3.)   Have a Strong Training Program

Ensuring your team is prepared for the task at hand boosts confidence which results in increased motivation and productivity. If the rep feels not ready or unsure of what they’re supposed to do then their performance will reflect that. A strong training program reinforces the employees trust in the company and the processes that are in place.

4.)   Trust Your Team

You hired each member of your team for a reason. They’re professionals. No one likes to have someone looking over their shoulder critiquing their every move. Guidance and direction are perfectly okay but once the rep has all the materials they need, trust them to get the job done until they’ve proven you otherwise.