5 Lead Generation Trends for 2019 That We're Excited About

It’s no secret that lead generation is something that we excel in. Because we want to continue to help our clients grow and succeed in their own businesses, we strive to stay in-the-know on cutting edge ways to bring in more leads for them.

We interviewed several members on our InceptGrows team to talk about trending lead generation tactics that we’re either currently employing or excited to test in the coming year. See what they said below:

Email Marketing

“There are countless numbers of people who say they just delete "those types" of emails, but we have found that email marketing is an amazing tool for B2B lead generation. So many people look at a digital screen throughout the day and don't always have time to take a call or even have the desire to call someone back. However, a short response via email when doing B2B marketing can connect companies who would otherwise not know about each other.

While also being able to monitor email open and click rates with applications, we can then connect with those who have shown interest right away and not wonder if they opened the email or even took a second to skim over it. Email Marketing has also proven to show a high ROI over simply making phone calls and it has increased the number and quality of leads that we are able to send to our clients.” – Victoria Chernikovich, Account Growth Specialist

Targeted Social Media Marketing

“I think that targeted social media ads/marketing have so much potential to generate B2B leads. We’re all constantly monitoring our social media on a daily basis and I think this could be a fantastic source of leads if mined correctly for our clients!” – Lauren Gill, InceptGrows Senior Account Executive

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Influencer Partnerships

“I’m intrigued by influencer partnerships for B2B lead generation in this coming year. B2C companies have been partnering with influencers for quite some time now, introducing their products to millions of new prospects with one Instagram story. Online users place a lot of significance on messages shared by their peers whether that be through reviews, blogging, or social media so this is a natural extension.

It looks like the trend is finally making its way into the B2B space. When done authentically, this trend has the power to extend brand reach to hyper targeted communities and generate qualified leads for B2B organizations.” – Sarah Nelson, Marketing Manager


“I really like the idea of incorporating Facebook chatbots for lead generation and qualifying leads. It allows your target audience to engage with your business on the platform they already spend their time and you can easily create an automated download or survey to qualify a lead within Messenger.” – Amanda Blakeman, Digital Growth Strategist 

Content Upgrades

“We’re currently testing downloadable B2B lead generation content on our blog and using this information to generate our own leads/pipeline for the division. I think this has opportunity to be introduced as a lead generation option for clients to grow their organization’s sales funnel” – Lauren Gill, InceptGrows Senior Account Executive 

Personalized Connections

“I get so many LinkedIn requests daily and once we connect, they are typically followed up with a message or email trying to sell me something. I’ve found that personalized connections, even if not a ‘new trend,’ will still be a hot topic in 2019.

While personal connections take longer than sending a pitch email, they tend to pay off tenfold for both parties. When you create a personal connection and take the time to learn what the other business is struggling with, you have better insight on how you can best help and serve them.” – Darren Hudach, Chief Growth Officer

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