Digital Trends B2B Companies Need to Focus on in 2020 - Part 1

B2B companies should always be up-to-date with upcoming trends, both from an internal and external point of view. If you haven’t yet begun to consider your digital marketing plan for 2020, we’re sharing some tips on trends to get that plan in place!

Below, we layout what trends your B2B brand needs to focus on in 2020 from an internal standpoint – keep these key points in mind, and your company will not only function smoother, but it will also have streamlined plan in place to help your business grow.

Internal Level Digital Trends

1. Revisiting your current organizational structure

At times, companies can get stuck in the same organizational structure that’s been in place for a while; they aren’t willing to take a step back and analyze what the company could be doing better from a structural level.

Are there new goals that should be considered?

How much time is being put towards high priority projects?

Are you tracking the right metrics?

In most cases, companies experience confusion about roles and lack of prioritization. These issues alone can have a direct impact on your digital initiatives.

What to do:

Essentially, marketing teams need to communicate on a consistent basis about what the digital marketing goals are for the company, and which metrics to keep an eye on.

Don’t be afraid to switch up team members’ roles and goals. B2B marketing can be extremely stressful, so losing sight of long-term goals can happen quickly. Take a step back and see which short-term goals you can redesign in order to achieve your long-term goals more efficiently.

2. Sticking to a strategic digital plan

It’s obvious that the digital world of marketing isn’t going anywhere – however, only 10 percent of B2B companies say that digital is a top investment priority.

Ignoring the importance of a solid digital strategy is going to set companies back farther than they think. Most brands consider their digital efforts a “side job” – leaving them with poorly strategized content that never gets enough momentum to make a material difference.

B2B companies need to realize that potential customers are on digital platforms daily. Whether the industry wants to accept it or not, conversations on digital platforms are critical to growing awareness and a customer base.


3. Sophisticating your branding

With the digital world becoming more prominent in everyday life, individuals are becoming much more aware of companies’ branding efforts. Unfortunately, many B2B companies put branding on the back-burner in order to focus on client work.

While producing quality work for clients is a top priority for every B2B organization, brands can’t forget to market themselves in an effective way.

Logo - is it starting to look dated? Make sure it stands out from the competition.

Verbiage – how is your B2B company communicating with your audience? The wording on everything related to your brand should relay the same messaging and overall feel.

Website – is it user-friendly? Most internet users are using their phones to interact online. Having a smartphone-friendly site is a must.

Social Media – are your posts showcasing your brand? Do they speak to your audience’s interests and pain points? Social media is the #1 place people visit to understand a brand more personally.

If you’re still trying to figure out what social media platforms will yield the most benefit, this blog post on choosing social platforms will help you!

With being in the second half of the year, 2020 needs to be top of mind to stay ahead of the game. Start getting that digital marketing plan in place so you set your whole team up for success next year.

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