Digital Trends B2B Companies Need to Focus on in 2020 - Part 2

B2B Content Marketing Trends

Staying up-to-date is extremely important when it comes to digital B2B marketing strategies – digital trends continue to shift and change. If you didn’t catch Part 1 (Internal Digital Trends), you can find that in this blog post!

We understand that producing client work is a top priority, but don’t forget to produce quality content to market yourself as a brand.

In today’s market, it may seem hard to standout from the competition, but we laid out a couple important areas to keep in mind when advertising yourself as a B2B company.

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Creating Mature Content

Only 28% of B2B companies are in the sophisticated/mature phase of content marketing maturity.

Never sacrifice quality for quantity, but make sure your B2B company is posting… a lot. Here’s the trend that’s happening with content creation: brands are creating multiple pieces of content (pictures, videos, graphics, blogs, etc.) from other pieces of content/information.

Let’s break it down.

If you have a blog post that has loads of information, don’t limit yourself to just the one blog post. Create short video clips of someone talking about a fact or two or design an infographic with key takeaways. Post these new pieces of content as a social media post across all platforms!

In the end, repurposing content is everything in today’s online marketing world.

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One trend that was popular, and still is, is blogging. Yes, consistent blogging is a must, but the formatting of blog posts is the current trend to keep an eye on.

Gone are the days of having simply text throughout a blog post. Many B2B companies are creating videos, graphics, and infographics to help viewers digest information more efficiently.

Here are a couple other key areas to keep in mind with blogging in 2020:

  • Find topics that your audience will find engaging.

  • Deliver value – give readers relevant and useful information.

  • Incorporate custom visuals to keep the readers engaged.

  • Follow SEO best practices – incorporate ALL the relevant keywords!

  • Create easy to find CTAs for readers to subscribe to your blog or download content.

  • Guest blog to reach new followers.

  • Connect with industry influencers.


Staying on top of Video Creation

There are some impressive statistics about how video is making a huge impact for businesses today. A whopping 70% of B2B buyers and researchers are watching videos throughout the buyers journey.

So, what have your video efforts been like?

Many B2B companies shy away from video for two reasons: it’s timely and it’s difficult to choose topics to make content on. However, companies better become comfortable with video creation because it’s projected to grow to 82% of all internet traffic by 2021.

Don’t let the statistics scare you. There are countless avenues that your B2B company can go down with video creation.

Here are a few ideas that your B2B company can utilize:

  • Brand Videos: Showcase the mission and vision of your B2B company. Tell a story of who you are as a brand, and explain why you’re in the industry that you’re in. You can do this in a video with team members or even in a fun gif!

  • Product/Service Videos: Display what you’re offering your audience – seeing how beneficial your product or service is can make a world of a difference.

  • Informative Videos: Take a blog post that’s jam-packed with valuable information and turn it into a video. You need to appeal to every type of consumer – some people prefer to retain information through video rather than through reading.

  • Case Story Videos: Explaining a case study is extremely beneficial for a company. It allows you to tell a success story with data to back you up.

  • Office Culture Videos: Every client loves to see that the B2B company they’re working with has a fun and healthy work environment. Showing the personal side to a brand makes them relatable and exciting to work with!

  • Testimonials: Asking clients to say a few words about how they’ve benefited from your product/service can give your B2B company some serious credit!

  • Live Streaming: Utilize the live streaming features on social media! Try having a Q&A with your followers – interacting with viewers makes you stand out as a brand.

We are so excited for everything that we’ve learned in 2019 to make 2020 better for

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