5 of the Best Ways to Increase Membership Organization Recruitment

We know that impacting and helping more members is one of the most important goals of your association. While retaining association members is essential, increasing membership organization recruitment rates is just as much of a priority.

Our InceptGrows team is highly knowledgeable in the membership niche. So, what better way to give you the best advice than to round up a few members of the team to share five of the best ways to increase membership organization recruitment?!

Recruit More People That Look Like Your Best Members!

One of the best digital targeting tools is Facebook lookalike audiences. You can upload a custom audience of your best current members, website visitors, or marketing qualified leads and then use Facebook to create a new audience that has similar attributes.

Lookalike audiences have consistently been top performing ad sets for us for top-of-the-funnel campaigns on behalf of our association clients. – Sarah Nelson, Marketing Manager

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Pick up the phone!

One of the quickest, and most cost effective, ways to target new members is through telephone recruitment. When used in combination with demographic and psychographic modeling you can build a profiled list of prospects who look and act like your current members.

Engaging them with a personalized phone call allows you to begin your new relationship in the channel we all use to communicate every day. – Lauren Gill, InceptGrows Senior Account Executive


Host a “Must Attend” Event!

Whether it’s annually or quarterly, most associations are known for their professional events. Focus on keeping your ideas fresh and innovative and allow members to bring a guest along to boost attendance and new member recruitment. – Ashley Bricker, Client Growth Specialist


Collect Feedback

Understand the content that appeals to your members. After all, they are your target audience! One of the easiest ways to do this is to simply offer a survey after your events. It can be written, emailed, or I encourage you to pick up the phone & give them a call!

“How was your experience?”

“What did you find most valuable?”

“Least valuable?”

Happy members will increase your retention rates and they will engage in the most effective form of marketing, word of mouth! – Cory Carney, Account Growth Specialist


Email marketing is crucial to growing your association today. When 99% of people check their email everyday and 59% of them say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions, why wouldn’t you utilize this platform?

Simply creating an email opt-in that your target members would want more information on will bring them into your funnel. This will help you engage with your email subscribers and show the value of your association and lead to more sign-ups! - Amanda Blakeman, Digital Growth Strategist

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