4 Must-Haves to Boost Membership Engagement

Are you in the process of content creation? If you are, you know how frustrating it can be to make a well-rounded design that creates engagement with your members. We laid out four areas that, when done correctly, will make your content pieces have a lasting impact and increase membership engagement.

1. Logo

First and foremost, you’ll need to include your logo in your graphic. After all, you want your members to associate it with your brand. Branding your graphic attracts viewers to your site – lack of branding in content makes your efforts unproductive.

Are you posting a fun picture of your team hard at work? Adding your logo to the picture will help viewers to remember that it’s your membership organization that has an enjoyable and lively work environment. Perhaps you’re posting a GIF that showcases the different products you offer. If you aren’t adding your logo, how will members associate the products with your organization? It’s a subtle way to make viewers correlate, for example, their favorite articles of clothing they’re seeing, or the unique restaurant they’re considering visiting, with your brand.

2.    Colors

There are countless psychological factors behind color – make sure you’re choosing the color scheme (no more than 4 main colors) that will evoke the emotion you want to your organization to give off, and overall, help your members engage with the post. Here are some meanings behind color to help you choose the perfect color combination:

·         Red: ambitious, bold, exciting, powerful and energetic.

·         Pink: warmth, sensitivity, love, respect and possibilities.

·         Blue: control, contentment, purpose and awareness.

·         Orange & Yellow: optimism, freedom, spontaneity and motivation.

·         Green: growth, clarity, safety, nature and balance.

·         Purple: wealth, conventionalism, creativity, distinguished and compassionate.

Keep in mind who your target audience is. Which colors appeal best to them? Results show that 57% of men said that their favorite color is blue, with green coming in second at 14%. Similarly, 35% of women say that blue is their favorite color, while 23% of women say that purple is their favorite.

Also, make sure to include contrasting colors to make your graphic as eye catching as possible. Don’t be afraid to play with textures and patterns too! They make your social media graphic that more appealing!

3. Fonts

If you’re a designer, you know how quickly a font choice can make or break a composition. When choosing which font(s) to use in a piece of content, you must first determine the mood that you’re trying to convey. Is your brand fun and playful? Or are you an organization that communicates deep and powerful messaging? Remember – you can use more than one font! Just make sure that you’re selecting combinations that complement each other. Try using both serifs and sans serifs to create a sleek and interesting layout.

As in every aspect of design, contrast is an important area to consider. You always want content to be easy to read, right? Contrasting the size, placement and overall font choice will allow your members to easily read and understand your message. And of course, don’t pick a font that is illegible. While it’s great to be creative, you also need to communicate as efficiently and simplistically as possible.

4.  Visuals

Since you’re going to be creating graphics on a small canvas, it’s easy for content to start to clutter up. Create a piece of content that encompasses all the principles of design: balance, emphasis, movement, pattern, repetition, proportion, rhythm, variety and unity. And, if you’re using imagery, make sure that the picture correlates to the marketing message you’re trying to communicate. Don’t make your association members think too much – make it easily digestible.

GIFs might be the content type you’re going to test out. Or, maybe you’re considering adding video to your social media pages. There are endless possibilities of types of content that you can produce. Regardless of which path you take, remember to make every design simple and easy to understand.

At the end of the day, you’re trying to create engagement with your members – so, communicate a message that they want to interact with. Always consider who your audience is, and what colors, text and format they will respond to best. You’ll also need to follow the correct marketing steps when designing a piece of content.  If you consider and incorporate the various visual elements above, your social media page will be full of engaging members that are eager to learn more.

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