How to Attract and Engage Millennial Members for Your Organization

Millennials seem to be a group of confusion when it comes to marketing to them. And if you’re confused on how to attract and engage millennial members for your organization, we have you covered.

Whether your goal is to grow your membership or engage with your current millennial members, these tips will help you make your organization better!

Provide Social Proof

Millennials are not impulse-shoppers. More than any other generational group, they like to research their purchases.  This research comes in many forms, but member reviews and social proof are two top sources for this information. 

By running a Facebook campaign targeted at ‘Friends of people who like your Page,’ your organization can deliver targeted ads with instant social proof. When someone scrolls past your ad and sees that 13 of their friends like Nike on Facebook, that social proof is likely enough to convince a millennial (me) to purchase a pair of sandals for my son.  A staggering 91% of millennials buy based on recommendations from friends so this type of campaign is extremely powerful. – Sarah Nelson, Marketing Manager

Focus on Your Online Presence

Many millennials can’t remember a time before the internet. Keeping your website and social media accounts fresh and up to date will make it easier for them to find you. While it’s easy to say that your organization should be all places online to attract and engage millennials, you should spend most of your time and resources on the social media platforms that your members are already on. – Ashley Bricker, Client Growth Specialist


Optimize for Mobile

It is so uncommon to come across a millennial that doesn’t have a smart phone.  In fact, more than 92% of millennials own smartphones and 85% of millennials use social media.  Therefore, most of their time spent engaging with your organization will likely be through their hand-held device.

Giving them a way to purchase and/or sign up via a mobile device would engage them and allow them to take the next steps without having to find a computer or make a call. – Victoria Chernikovich, Account Growth Specialist

Personalized Communication

Millennials are much more likely to respond and interact with messages that are personalized to their needs! Blast emails and irrelevant messaging can damage your brand, since your millennial audience is more likely to unsubscribe or unfollow more quickly if they don’t feel the content speaks to them.

Take the time to understand their preferred channels of communication and personalize your content to match their interests. – Cory Carney, Account Growth Specialist


Multi-channel Approach

In this highly technological age, millennials expect for a brand to connect with them across a variety of platforms, from YouTube video ads to email marketing. Regardless if you re-purpose content for different platforms or create slightly different creative, your messaging should always remain consistent across anywhere you show up.

Your multi-channel marketing to reach your millennial members also should blend together rather than remaining in silos. Whatever your members tell you in an email survey can be used on social media and vice versa. - Amanda Blakeman, Digital Growth Strategist

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