How to Re-Engage Lapsed Members with Your Organization

So, it happened. Your member lapsed and there’s no sign of them renewing their membership anytime soon.

What do you do? Do you just let them leave without engaging or do you figure out how to re-engage lapsed members?

With current or previous customers being easier to convert and more profitable (increasing customer retention rates by 5% has the potential to increase profits by 25% to 95%!), you simply can’t afford to let your lapsed members walk without trying to bring them back into your organization.

Identify why members have lapsed

The reason why members haven’t renewed their membership isn’t always something that the company or organization did wrong, but more so the events and aspects of their lives. Tailor the approach to maximize the potential of re-gaining them from the information that you capture. Then, reward them with a discount or incentive for returning or purchasing a membership again.

By understanding why a member has lapsed, you not only get a chance to re-engage them and offer them an opportunity to re-join your organization, but you also learn valuable information to make memberships better! – Victoria Chernikovich, Account Growth Specialist

Custom Audiences

Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to upload a file of your lapsed members and serve targeted ads directly to them. We recommend that you first share content of value – videos, blogs, podcasts, etc. that don’t have a call to action centered around becoming a member.

Your mission is first to engage your lapsed members and remind them of why they became a member in the first place – networking, knowledge sharing, etc. Once a lapsed member clicks an ad to view a piece of your content, Facebook and LinkedIn both enable you to re-target them and serve another ad, this time with a more sales focused call to action. This progressive social media strategy works! – Sarah Nelson, Marketing Manager

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Personalized Messages

Millennials are much more likely to respond & interact with messages that are personalized to their needs! Blast emails, irrelevant messaging can damage your brand. Take the time to understand their preferred channels of communication & personalize your content to match their interests. – Cory Carney, Account Growth Specialist

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Offer a discount

A great way to re-engage lapsed members is to offer a discount to bring them back in the door. Run a promotion for a set number of days offering something unique that hasn’t previously been available! Send them an automated email sequence that also corresponds with a LinkedIn campaign or Facebook marketing so they see the promotional discount wherever they are online! – Ashley Bricker, Client Growth Specialist


Target and re-activate them through multi-channel

Begin with re-engaging on the channel that they initially came to you from and create your value proposition. From there, reach out and show how them why their support has been critical to your mission. People love to know where their donations or contributions went to, so if you can share information on what a yearly membership can do to make a positive impact toward your mission, they are more likely to feel valued.

Phone, email, direct mail and social media are key to reaching these members in the way they prefer to be contacted – Lauren Gill, InceptGrows Senior Account Executive

And just like that you’ve figured out how to re-engage lapsed members with your organization! Now you’re on your way to an even more engaging organization!

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