4 Ways To Use A B2B Appointment Setting Service Partner

B2B appointment setting service partners can be a huge help to your organization’s lead generation strategy. Many people assume that appointment setting providers simply set appointments for their organization and nothing else but there are many more ways these partnerships can be used.

Below are a few of our favorite lead generation projects to partner with clients on.

1) Inbound Lead Nurturing

Did you know that 71% of qualified leads are never followed up with? What’s more, those that are followed up with are only touched 1.3 times.

Strategic follow-up matters. The ideal inbound lead follow-up strategy combines both an urgency in response as well as a committed sales cadence if the prospect does not immediately answer.

We follow a proven cadence that begins with a phone call within 5 minutes of a form being submitted and ends two weeks later after multiple phone, email, and social interactions.

2) Surveys and Marketing Intelligence

Don’t have a great grasp on your target market? Acquiring high-quality market research is difficult for any company but can be even more challenging when you have critical business decisions hanging in the balance and need to gather customer feedback quickly. Stacking this project onto someone's already-full desk, or attempting to hire someone internally to tackle it can lead to mistakes being made or quality suffering.

This is the type of project that B2B appointment setting providers can excel at.

3) Lapsed Customer Reactivation

The number one reason a customer does not come back is because they are not asked. For those that  would but don't, a B2B appointment setting service partner can compliment your customer retention approach by offering multiple opportunities.

New products are launched by e-commerce companies  rapidly. Occasionally, product upgrades address previous issues significantly enough that customers who have purchased before are willing to purchase again.

In these instances, targeted sales campaigns focused on  the customer’s previous shopping habits can provide an influx of new customers at a lower than average cost per acquisition.

4) Cold Calling

Lack of resources, such as staff, funding, and time, remains the biggest obstacle to successful lead generation for 61% of B2B marketers.

Cold calling can be an exceptionally powerful tool. It’s a strategy that helps lead business owners to introduce their solution to buyers who otherwise may have never heard of them. It’s a time-tested way to keep the top of the sales funnel full while your closers focus on closing. Not to mention, it’s a useful supplement to the inbound leads that come in from marketing departments. There is simply no strategy that replaces the commitment of dialing through a list and having real conversations with prospects.

Perks Of Working With Incept

Incept differentiates itself by its fractional pricing, flexibility, alignment with your culture, and depth of sales experience:

Fractional pricing:

By paying a flat monthly subscription fee, you get the benefits of lead generation and appointment setting without the additional management and overhead of a full time employee in-house.


The fractional allocation can flex up and down with seasonal sales demand and business needs. We also exercise a lot of flexibility in our strategy, cadence, etc. so that our clients have the highest likelihood of success. We do not believe in set it and forget it.

Cultural alignment:

Because our clients work directly with a dedicated Account Growth Specialist, they get the benefit of one-on-one calibration meetings, daily feedback emails, and freedom to contact their AGS as often as they’d like throughout the day. This allows the AGS to feel like they are a part of the client team and has a big impact on the outcomes of our clients’ projects.

Depth of experience:

We’ve lived and breathed sales and marketing for 25 years and prioritize continued education for our team.

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