What do I need to get started with an inside sales partner?

To create a quality relationship between a client and inside sales partner, the first priority is to set up an introduction meeting and ensure key goals and objectives are mutually aligned.

Transparency is encouraged at this developmental stage to better understand the challenges your company is facing and your ideal timeframe to find solutions to meet your goals. This meeting is critical to scope out a lead generation framework, define your competitive advantage, and profile the customers you service the best. When entering any business partnership, this stage is a must.

The next step is to identify your target market. With a market defined, a sales approach can be scripted based on who is the right decision maker and what’s your ask. From here, your inside sales partner should have the capability to offer services at a variety of complexity levels. Inside sales partners should be willing to cater their expertise to your specific business needs.

Our Incept Grows team is happy to go out and meet your customers, ask questions, and build tailored programs from the ground up.